Trying Out Hair Chalks for the First Time!

Back in 2015 I made a New Year’s resolution to try/learn a new thing each day.  I had received some hair chalks as Christmas gifts from my husband, Tim, and had run a couple through a small section of my hair on Christmas Day just to show my nieces and nephew what they looked like, and on 30 January 2015 I decided to try them out on a whole head of hair as my “something new” challenge.


Before I applied the hair chalks I brushed and straightened my hair to make sure it was smooth and tangle free.  I filled a spray bottle with some warm water to spritz onto my hair in sections before applying the hair chalks to bring out the vibrancy of the colours.  The shades I selected were pinks, blues and purples.  Tim gave me a hand spritzing my hair with water and rubbing the hair chalks onto my hair.

The chalks pulled at my hair and the more we applied, the drier and more knotted my hair became.  I was in complete agony and getting more and more fed up by the second.  My gut instinct after the initial 30 seconds was that this was a terrible idea and I should stop right away, but I didn’t… because I am stubborn like that and I don’t like to give up.  So we kept going, and it just got more and more painful, and my usual good mood was utterly destroyed.

Halfway through I had the genius idea of using a leave-in spray hair conditioner (Aussie Colour Protection) instead of water to dampen my hair, and this did seem to help quite a bit, though not as much as I had hoped.  Regardless, I persevered, having rejected Tim’s offer to continue helping, for fear I would completely lose my temper if he inadvertently injured my now highly sensitised scalp just one more time!

Eventually, I had coloured most of my hair using a combination of purples, blues and pinks, and could stomach no more of this nightmare.  My hair now felt more parched than if I had doused it in a gallon of peroxide, and it was all completely matted.  I desperately tried to comb through it but it was agonising (and I have a super high pain tolerance when it comes to brushing out my hair).  Gritting my teeth, I continued to furiously struggle through the millions of knots and tangles in my haystack hair until I was able to slowly section it, ready to curl with my Babyliss Curling Wand Pro.


The end result was hair big enough to have travelled through space and time from the 1980s and it felt like dusty sun-bleached straw; but you know what? The colours were soooo pretty!

So was it worth it?  Hell no, I will never ever put myself through that again.

In the future, I may apply hair chalks just to the ends of my hair for a pop of colour in the style of that dip-dye look that was so popular back then, but that’s it.

After a couple of hours I could not stand it any longer and washed it all out.  The beauty of hair chalks is of course that it is just temporary colour and should completely wash out within a wash or two.

My hair is very light blonde so I was half expecting to come out of the shower with some sort of hideous muddy grey discolouration but much to my relief most of the colour washed out, with just a hint of blue remaining, and a few sections of bright pink still visible though now a soft pastel hue.

I saturated my hair with conditioner and my hair felt almost normal again, though it was still feeling a little dry.  Nothing a hair mask of coconut oil couldn’t fix!