Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk / Fruit Sushi

On Day 18 of my New Thing  A Day challenge back in 2015, I really fancied something sweet and warming so I decided to make some rice pudding in the slow cooker.  I did not have any milk in the house but I had plenty of tins of coconut milk so I quickly Googled some recipes and found one which basically said something along the lines of “put some pudding rice in the pan and add enough coconut milk to just cover the rice.  Cook in slow cooker until ready.”

So I figured I had nothing to lose and threw in a whole bag of pudding rice and a tin of coconut milk.  Well, that was very silly of me because I had forgotten just how little rice you need in comparison to the milk… I had to keep adding more and more coconut milk and gave up after I had put in three tins… the rice pudding was so dry and Tim decidedly did not like the coconut flavour so it was considered a flop.

The next day, on Day 19, I decided to try using the sticky clumps of very dry and chewy coconut rice to make fruit sushi.  We added sliced strawberries and kiwis.  Using cling film and a bamboo rolling mat, it took just a couple of minutes to roll it together, and then we sliced it.



Our fruit sushi looked so pretty!

Sadly, however, it tasted horrible.  That is most definitely not a reflection on the recipe at all but rather on my disgusting coconut milk rice.

On the upside, our twin Alaskan Malamutes absolutely adore all things coconut so they very enthusiastically ate the whole lot and we had very happy pupsters 🙂